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Astro Conversion Filter #2459214A
For Canon EOS
5D Mark II, 6D

Designed to replace the factory standard correcting filter, while maintaining the cameras correct focal point. This Baader filter cuts the UV and IR light significantly "steeper" down, thus the light output in the transmitted spectral range is larger, which in addition increases the sensitivity of the camera. The transmission values are identical with our new and improved UV-IR cut filter.

Baaders DSLR Conversion Filters are manufactured with strict Blocked transmission in the blue AND red part of the spectrum, so that the white balance of the camera for daylight shots is much more successful in spite of the H-alpha passage. In addition, this improved IR and UV-blocking enables a reduction of the halos around bright stars, which otherwise often occur when a commercial miniature camera lens or inexpensive refractor telescope is used for astronomical photography.

It is recommended for best performance to install the filter with the coated (pinkish) side facing out. Please note that the filter is a slightly different size to the 'factory' filter but this in intentional.

The DSLR filter rquires home fitting by the user.

2 year Manufacturer's warranty

Sold Out

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