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12v Powertank
7Ah Power Supply

The Sky-Watcher 7Ah is an indispensable accessory for supping poer to mounts and telescopes. It has two cigarette lighter plugs with a 12V output, two USB ports (5V, 1.5A), one LED spotlight and one red light to help you station your telescope at night without damaging your night vision. A system of LEDís indicate if the battery is full, low, or is currently charging and the recharge can be done at home with the supplied AC wall adaptor or in the car via the cigarette lighter cord.
  • 7Ah of Current for Small and Medium Telescopes and Mounts
  • Two Cigarette Lighter Plugs for Sky-Watcher Power Cords
  • Two USB Power Ports
  • Fuse Protection Output
  • Hinged LED White Spotlight
  • Red Light Ideal for Night-Adapted Vision
  • Storage Compartment for Storing the Cigarette Lighter Power Adaptor

5 year Manufacturer's warranty
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