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CQ350 GoTo Equatorial Mount
with Tripod

Introducing the newly designed CQ350 mount by Sky-Watcher. A new design with observatory class capabilities.
  • Product weight: 14.4kg ( Mount Only, without counterweight and counterweight shaft )
  • Payload: 35kg.
  • RA worm wheel teeth number: 308. DEC worm wheel teeth number: 288
  • Latitude adjustment range: 0-70 degree.
  • Motors High precision stepper motor.
  • Drive mode between worm gear and motor: synchronous wheel and synchronous belt.
  • Spring loaded worm gears
  • Function: Automatic identification initial position
  • Working voltage: DC12V.
  • Electric current: 2A
  • Ports: 4 USB ports, 1 shutter release port, 1 power input port, 3 power output ports, 1 hand controller port and 1 AUTO GUIDER port.
  • New designed tripod, SWA-TRICQ350 ( Optional )
  • Compatible with EQ8 pier tripod SWA-TRIEQ8 ( Optional )
  • External polar scope, SWA-POLAR-EQ8 ( Optional )
  • Rigid steel tube leg tripod with eyepiece tray suits CQ350 mount heads
  • Sky-Watcher / Synta sturdy steel extendable tube leg tripod
  • Includes locking centre bolt with eyepiece tray.
RRP $6999
5 year Manufacturer's warranty

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