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EQ8-R GoTo Equatorial Mount

The EQ8-R provides the next generation of Sky-Watcher’s popular high capacity mount, the EQ8. The R models offer a refined design to allow for better balance and more modern features to cater to today’s high end imagers.

Built-in cable management
  • USB 3.0 USB hub (4 ports)
  • 2.1mm Power port (3 ports)
  • 3 serial ports on the back of the saddle
  • The EQ8-R features built-in cable management. This removes cable drag from hanging cables and reduces the risk of cables getting caught during imaging session. This capability also improves the mounts capabilities for remote use.
  • The built-in USB 3.0 hub allows you to simply plug in your camera, guider, filter wheel and other USB accessories into the hub below the saddle plate and connect them using a single USB cable plugged into the rear of the mount. No more tangled mess of cabled hanging or need for multiple cables running around the mount.
Another addition to the cable management system is the three built-in 2.1mm ports situated next to the USB hub. This allows your accessories to also be powered through the mount. This reduces the need for multiple power adapters and other accessories. The ports can be run off of a single power source providing a cleaner set up and less cables. On the gear of the saddle are three serial ports for various accessories such as ST4 guide cables and other serial based accessories. Like the rest of the cable management this reduces the hanging cables and provide a neat connection to the mount.

Motor Positioning
EQ8-R feature improved balance from their predecessor with redeposited motor housings. This improve the mount’s balance over all.

Belt Drive
Both mounts feature belt drive on both the RA and Dec axis. This allows for smoother guiding and reduced backlash.

EQ8-R feature built-in homing sensors. This allows the mount to know its positioning more accurately from its start positioning.

Improved Clutches
The EQ8-R models feature improved clutches allowing for sturdier lock under heavy loads. Simply use the large levers to engage or disengage the axis of choice. The clutch lever are larger than the original EQ8 making it easier to adjust with gloves.

PC Direct Connect
EQ8-R also feature the new PC direct connect feature. Now you can easily connect your mount to your computer without the need of a hand controller. When paired with the SynScan Pro app. for Windows the mount can be aligned and controlled direct from a PC. This makes imaging refined and easier, especially for those with permanent set ups.
  • Mount Type: German Equatorial Mount
  • Telescope Mounting: D Style
  • Payload: 50kg
  • Mount Head Weight: 25kg
  • Pier Tripod Weight: 29.4kg
  • Pier Tripod Material: Steel
  • Pier Tripod Height: 75cm – 100cm
  • Latitude Range: 10°-65°
  • Azimuth Range: +/- 10°
  • Power Requirement: DC 12~16V – 4A
  • Pointing Accuracy: up 5 arc. min.
  • Slewing Speed: up to 3.3°/sec
  • Guiding Speed: 0.125X, 0.25X, 0.50X, 0.75X, or 1X
  • Motors Resolution: approx. 0.12 arc-second (11136000 Counts/Rev)
  • Encoder Resolution: 17624 Counts/Rev., approx. 1.2 arc-minutes

5 year Manufacturer's warranty

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