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AM3 Mount with TC40 Carbon Fibre Tripod

The ZWO AM3 is a new compact strain wave-geared equatorial/alt-az mount for on the go visual observing and astrophotography.

Incredibly lightweight at only 3.9kg, the AM3 has an impressive payload of 8kg without counterweight or 13kg with counterweight. Despite its size, the AM3 is precisely engineered to be stable and sturdy enough for deep sky imaging with small to medium-sized telescopes. With a latitude range of 0-90, the mount can be used easily near the equator.
  • Mount type
  • Alt-Az/Equatorial
  • Max payload 8 kg without counterweight, 13 kg with counterweight
  • Mount weight
  • 3.9 kg
  • Drive Strain wave gears + synchronous belt
  • Reduction ratio
  • 300:1
  • Periodic error (PE) plus/minus 20 arcsec, 288 seconds duration
  • RA drive NEMA35 stepper motor + brake
  • DEC drive NEMA35 stepper motor
  • Latitude adjustment range 0 ~ 90
  • Azimuth adjustment range 10
  • Dovetail saddle Losmandy and Vixen
  • Counterweight shaft M12
  • Stepper motor resolution 0.17"
  • Max slew speed 6/S
  • Power port DC 5.5 x 2.1 12V 3A
  • Power consumption 0.386A standby, 0.58A tracking, 1.7A GOTO
  • Guide port ST4-+
  • Communication interface USB / Wifi
  • Zero Position Mechanical
  • Operating Temperature -15 - 40 C
  • Power failure protection Yes
5 year Manufacturer's warranty
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