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Researcher Stereo Microscope

The saxon RST Researcher Stereo Microscope is a 360 degree rotatable trinocular-head stereo microscope with dual zoom and focus knobs.

It comes with a magnification range of 10x - 40x using the supplied WF 10x eyepieces, which can be focused individually.

Illumination is switchable between aobe and below state, or both.
  • Magnification Range - 10x - 40x
  • Objectives - 1x - 4x
  • Illumination - Halogen
  • Head Type - Trinocular
  • Eyepiece - WF 10x
  • Focus - Coarse
  • Condenser - No
  • Stage Type - Black/White Contrast Plate, Frosted Glass
  • Stand - Pillar

3 year Manufacturer's warranty
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