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ESPRIT 120 ED Super APO Refractor
Triplet 120 x 840 F7

Designed with the discerning astronomer in mind, Sky-Watcher top-of-the-line Esprit refractors deliver the kind of imaging performance one would expect from telescopes costing much more. With their three-element air spaced objective lens design, false color is completely eliminated, yielding exceptional contrast and sharpness.

The 3" CNC machined 1:11 rotatable dual speed linear power focuser provides a smooth, rock-solid focusing with zero image shifts. The Esprit ED 120mm refractor comes with a 9 x 50 right angle finder scope, 2-inch Star diagonal, D-style dovetail, retractable dew cap and padded case.

The 2-element thread-on 48mm field flattener guarantees excellent field flatness across the entire 44 mm imaging plane. Its oversized lenses ensure a larger and clearer aperture and also extremely minimized halation.
  • Optical Design - Apochromatic Refractor
  • Diameter - 120mm
  • Focal Length - 840mm
  • F/Ratio - F/7
  • Back Focus from Corrector to Sensor 75mm
  • Highest Practical Power - 240x
  • Faintest Steller Magnitude - 12.5
  • Finder Scope - 8x50 Right Angled Erect Image
  • Focuser Diameter - 3" Linear Power Focuser
  • Diagonal - 2" 90 deg. Dielectric Diagonal with 1.25" adapter
  • Tube Weight - 9.61 kg
  • Tube Dimensions - 12.5cm x 75cm
  • Shipping Weight - 26 kg
  • Shipping Dimensions - 122 x 46 x 48 cm3
RRP $5749
5 year Manufacturer's warranty
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