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Stargate 20" Dobsonian
with Computerised GoTo

Superior Optics
Stargates feature Sky-Watcher’s exclusive fused conical parabolic mirrors. The fused design allows for thinner mirror construction that provides faster cooling and lighter weight.

Combined with the cast cellular secondary mirror and Sky-Watcher’s exclusive 94% reflectivity coatings, Stargate delivers bright, detailed views of your favorite deep sky objects. The 20 inch model captures 56% more light than the 16 inch.

Easy to transport and assemble
The minimalist all-metal structure of the Stargate produces a sturdy and stable platform while maintaining a convenient and compact footprint. The truss-tubes break down to a very manageable 36 inch length for easy transport. Azimuth and altitude bearings are steel and Teflon for smooth, steady movement.
Setting up a Stargate is a simple procedure, taking only about 20 minutes. Spring loaded truss anchor points are clearly labeled to eliminate any frustration or confusion. Adjustable feet make leveling a snap.

Optical Design: Dobsonian
Primary Aperture : 508mm (20”)
Secondary Diameter 134mm minor axis
econdary Obstruction by Area 7%
Mirror Coatings: 94% Aluminum
Glass Type: Borosilicate
Focal Length : 2000mm
Focal Ratio: 3.95
Light Gathering : Captures 56% more light than a 16” telescope
Zenith Eyepiece Height: 79”
Rayleigh Limit: 0.28
Dawes Limitt: 0.23
Limiting Magnitude: 16
Minimum Magnification: 72x
Maximum Magnification : 1000x
GoTo: Yes
Object Database: 42,900+
Dual Encoders: Yes
Focuser : Dual Speed Crayford
Eyepieces: 28mm LET eyepiece and 10mm eyepiece
Finder Scope: 9×50
Counter weights: 2.3lbs, Shroud, Truss Clamps
Shroud: Included
Upper Cage Weight: 12lbs
Truss Pole Weight: 2.6lbs each. 16lbs total
Mirror Box Weight: 70lbs
Dobsonian Base Weight: 66lbs
Fully Assembled Weight (with weights): 164lbs

5 year maunfacturers warranty

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