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SynScan USB Adapter
The Sky-Watcher USB PC Direct Connector allows PC control of most Sky-Watcher mounts via a simple USB B cable. This replaces your Synscan Hand Controller and let’s a PC to control your telescope instead.

It retrofits the PC-Direct mode feature being rolled in new Sky-Watcher mounts such as the new Sky-Watcher EQ8-R series to older Sky-Watcher mounts.

The Sky-Watcher USB connector plugs into almost any Sky-Watcher mount in place of the Syncan Hand Controller. It doesn’t provide any new connectivity functionality compared to other third party solutions already available, however it solves these connection hassles with a single, easy to use Sky-Watcher device.

Both Sky-Watcher EQ mounts as well as AZ mounts like the Sky-Watcher Goto Dobsonian telescopes are supported.


Included - 1 x Sky-Watcher USB PC Direct Connector, 2 x link cable (1 x 6 pin RJ45, 1 x 8 pin RJ 45)

Output - USB “B” connector (The same type as a common USB printer cable)

If you have a newer version 5 Synscan Hand Controller with a USB B connector of the bottom of the unit, you do not need this USB Connector. (See tech note here on using the Synscan PC-Direct mode)

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