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Solar Filter 102mm Refractor
SuitesSW076,102, ED80

Attach the Sky-Watcher Solar Filter for Refractors Telescopes securely over the front of your telescope to conduct safe solar viewing. If you are looking at Sun spots or just wanting to get a closer look at our closest Star, this filter will reflect the harmful rays and reduce the intensity of the Sun light making it safe to view through your telescope.

Baader’s Astro Solar Safety Film delivers the optical performance of plane-parallel glass filters. Double-sided metal coatings on the film’s surface ensures good colour balance and allows the user to view the Sun in its natural white light.

The Sky-Watcher Solar Filter for Refractors Telescopes allows you to see the details in sunspots, bright faculae near the limb and the mottled areas known as granules. These filters enable the safe viewing of our Sun which is one of the most amazing objects in our sky and viewing it can be a great source of fun and knowledge.

It is completely safe and durable. The film transmits 1/100,000 of visible light while reflecting 99.999%of unwanted light. The film significantly decreases harmful levels of ultraviolet rays and infrared light. Baader Astro Solar™ film has also been declared safe for direct solar viewing by the German National Bureau of Standards for eye safety.

  • Economical aperture Baader solar film filter
  • Observe the sun safely
  • Placed over the front of your telescope
  • Reduces the intensity of the Sun’s light significantly
  • Reflects away harmful rays
  • View subtle faculae and sun spots
  • 5 years Sky-Watcher limited warranty
5 year Manufacturer's warranty
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