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SeeStar S50 Smart Telescope

The Seestar S50 is a smart telescope unlike any other on the market, integrating ZWO's renowned astronomy technology into a simple to use, all-in-one instrument.

Featuring built-in ASIAIR intelligent controller, EAF electronic autofocuser, GOTO mount, dew heater, astronomical camera and filter switcher, plus a high quality tripod, the Seestar S50 is a truly capable imaging instrument at an incredible price. The Seestar S50 features apochromatic triplet optics with high quality coatings, resulting in excellent control of chromatic aberration, unlike other smart telescopes which typically feature cheap achromatic doublets.

The Seestar S50 includes a narrow dual-band filter which cuts through light pollution and isolates the H-alpha and OIII emission lines of nebulae. Also included is a high quality white-light clip-on solar filter, allowing you to capture detailed images of sunspots.

The entire telescope can be controlled over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with a mobile device. Built-in levelling sensors plus your phone's GPS makes setup quick and painless, and automatic alignment and GOTO using platesolving makes finding targets as simple as clicking a button. The integrated autofocuser takes the hassle out of focusing, ensuring your images are totally sharp every time.

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5 year Manufacturer's warranty
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