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eVscope 2

The eVscope 2 brings power and speed together with optical expertise to deliver the most immersive space exploration experience.

Leveraging Nikon’s pioneer expertise in electronic eyepiece, and with a 7,7Mpx enhanced image resolution, the eVscope 2 delivers the most stunning visual experience ever seen in a consumer telescope, with state of the art observing comfort, and an incredible amount of details, definition and zoom ability.

Smart and easy to use
Turn your telescope on, choose an object on the Unistellar app and observe. No need for constellations knowledge, no polar star alignment, the eVscopes do it all by themselves and in a few minutes.

A dedicated app, mission control for your outer space explorations
With the push of a button and tap of the app, your eVscope 2 recommends the most spectacular targets and launches into deep-space observations, in minutes.

With a catalogue of over 5 000 objects to choose from, use the app to learn about and identify cosmic objects, including which objects are ideal for viewing from your location. Save and share your experience with others – in person or virtually – with your connected tech.

  • Optical Magnification 50x
  • Digital Magnification up to 400x (150x recommended maximum)
  • Max Magnitude 16 in medium quality night sky
  • Resolving power 1.33 arcsecond
  • Field of view 34 arcmin x 47 arcmin
  • Mirror Diameter 114mm
  • Focal Length 450 mm
  • Mount Motorized Alt-Az Mount with extreme tracking accuracy thanks to Automated Celestial Tracking with Feedback
  • Sensor Model: IMX347
  • Storage capacity: 64 GB

Normally $8999
2 Year Warranty

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