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127 Maksutov Virtuoso GTI
Table Top Dobsonian
GoTo with WiFi

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5 year Manufacturer's warranty

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  • Tabletop Dobsonian GOTO with WiFi
  • Controlled with SynScan Pro App for iOS and Android
  • GOTO via SynScan free app
  • DC12V voltage
  • Freedom Find dual encoder technology
The Sky-Watcher VIRTUOSO GTi 127/1500 Maksutov Cassegrain DOBSONIAN is a fully automatic telescope ideal for beginners and those who want to get straight to observing. Aligning the mount takes mere minutes with the “Bright Object” alignment mode, and the computerised SynScan system is the ultimate upgrade that allows automatic pointing and tracking of more than 42,000 object in the sky! This means less time spent finding a faint nebula or a distant planet and more time to enjoy observing. Astronomy has never been so easy!

The Maksutov-Cassegrain is a compact and powerful optical design that combines a front meniscus lens and two mirrors. The optical tube is closed by the front meniscus, keeping the mirrors protected from atmospheric agents such as humidity, dust and pollution. The tube is short but the focal length is long allowing high magnification with the standard eyepieces. With maximum practical magnification of 256x , this Sky-Watcher Telescope will reveal details in Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s bands, the Martian polar ice caps, and the phases of Venus and the moon.

The VIRTUOSO GTi Dobsonian Mount – WiFi-controllable with iOS and Android and compatible with syncs hand controller, allowing it for smooth tracking and alignment. Use Wifi to control the telescope wirelessly with your mobile device; smartphone or tablet.

Colour Planetary Filter Set 1.25"
Increases contrast on planets and contains a Moon filter.
#25 Neutral Density
#12 Yellow
#23A Light Red
#80A Blue

Skywatcher 5mm UWA Eyepiece
Increase the magnification of your 127 Mqaksutov telescope to 300x with this crisp eyepiece. Great for views of the planets and craters on the Moon.

Moon/ Planetary Filter 1.25" #25 Neutral Density
Ideal as a Moon filter.
Generally needed when using your supplied low power 25mm on a Full Moon. Simply screw it onto the bottom of the eyepiece or hold it over the top.

Smart Phone Adapter
Take pictures through your Virtuoso telescope. Simply insert your phone and securely attach it to the eyepiece.

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